The Successful Songwriter Within

Everything You Need to Succeed With Songwriting, Performing, Public Speaking, The Music Business and Beyond Is Already Inside You... Are You Ready To Tap In?



✨ Overcome Rejection
✨ Let Go of Writer's Block
✨ Release Self-Doubt when Co- writing
✨ Overcome Performance Anxiety
✨ Release Imposter Syndrome forever
✨ Tap into Your Inner Wisdom for SUCCESS
✨ Become The Artist You've Always Envisioned Being
✨ Be Your Best-Self During Any Creative & High Intensity Situation
✨ And Much, Much More!


Turn Self-Doubt Into

Become the Songwriter & Artist You Have always dreamed of being. Show up to co-writes with undeniable ideas. 

Tap Into What
Makes You UNIQUE ...

Stand Out With Your Music In An Over-Saturated Market by Learning How To Develop Your Unique Qualities

Overcome Rejection
& Writer's Block

Hear the word "no" and move past it with grace to bigger & better things. Effortlessly create new songs. 

Who Am I?

I'm Lisa McEwen, Nashville-Published Songwriter & Recording Artist. I've written professionally for 10+ years alongside Grammy Award Winning Writers; I've written for Major Artists, Indie Artists and my song placements include theme songs for various charities, podcasts, & YouTube channels. I've performed for crowds of thousands and heard my very own songs over the airwaves many times!

....But it hasn't always been this way...

For years, I struggled with confidence, self-doubt, anxiety and resistance in regards to my career. I've wrestled with self-sabotage and I know that the reason I didn't get as far as I could have in many instances is because I didn't have ALL of the tools that I'm about to give you in my course. 

I know you have dreams and aspirations that aren't being realized because you are the one holding yourself back. I can't wait to show you that the one thing that will get you to where you want to go is also, you.

Working with and implementing these techniques took me from insecure & doubtful to confident and goal-crushing in a very short time. 

I can't wait to watch the same unfold for you, let's get started!

Here's What's Included In

 The Successful Songwriter Within:

Module 1 -
Seamless Songwriting From the INside Out

How to effortlessly tap into the creative flow using proven visualization and affirmation methods for writing songs alone – ✨ No more relying on others for finishing songs – ✨  No more dry spells of inspiration or questioning your songs' validity - ✨21- Day Subconscious Reprogramming Audio (Change your thoughts to Change your Life) ...How to reprogram your subconscious right NOW in order to succeed as an individual and successful creative.

Module 2 -
Co-Writing & You

Learn about High-Level Visualization and how to use this Applicable method for showing up to co-writes as your absolute best with confidence and undeniable ideas. – ✨ how to calm and centre yourself before and during nervous situations while co-writing -✨ How to find, connect with and keep your tribe! ✨ Go into every creative & social situation as your true, empowered self

Module 3 -
The Calm Before The Perform

Back-pocket tools for calming yourself during performance (live performance & virtual & In-Studio) - ✨ how to  develop your stage presence AND ✨ stay in the Zone while performing - no more distractions throwing you off your game - ✨ how to shine and be truly unforgettable to your audience. ✨ Truly feel confident in "putting yourself out there" whether it's on social media or the stage

Sign Up TODAY And You'll Get...

✨BONUS Module -
Connecting WithIN The Industry 

 Not everyone writes songs in order to make it in the industry, but inevitably, it’s something we’ve all come to face at some point. -✨ Whether you want to learn how to reach out to Industry moguls or simply learn to expose your music to a bigger audience, in this module we cover ✨ how to connect with industry people in an authentic way, ✨ how to overcome and work through rejection so that you can continue your journey with Purpose and Passion

✨ BONUS Module:
Focused & Fearless

Feeling overwhelmed & Scatter-brained? This Training with 3 Applicable Tools will help You STAY Focused so that you can set Your INtentions & Goals & Accomplish them!

Access To The Private Successful Songwriter Within Community

Once You've Signed Up For The Successful Songwriter Within, you'll get access to our private Successful Songwriter Within Community where you can interact with myself & like-minded students from all over the world! (Mobile app + Desktop)  You'll have support from me when it comes to any questions about your journey. ✨

✨ PLUS ✚ LIVE Monthly Calls. Ask Your Questions, Work through challenges, Discuss your music journey

"I'm 2 Modules In: This Course is some High-Level Stuff!

I've been a touring guitarist all throughout the 90's but struggle with self-doubt and imposter syndrome - GREAT MATERIAL!"

- Ron I. 

"I Watched Your Training Video and I LOVED it...

I love the concept of learning how to enter into another dimension of brain waves and consciousness to release my inner self and my inner songs"

- Michaela C. 

What Makes This Course Different?

You can take all of the courses on how to write a great song and how to get your songs published. You can take the Sync courses to get your songs into film and television. Heck, you can even take the courses to learn to sing, play guitar, play piano and even self-produce!

But if you don’t have the skills to overcome those inner obstacles, no matter how much knowledge you obtain or how many connections you make, you won’t see those dreams (no matter how big or small) come to fruition until you get it right on the inside.

This course takes you from
anxious to grounded,
fearful to confident 
unsure to confident, 
from exhausted to liberated!

You CAN make it happen, you CAN get there, everything you need is inside of you.. let me show you how to uncover it in The Successful Songwriter Within Course. 

This Course is For YOU if You're...

✨ A Beginner Songwriter
✨ A Seasoned Songwriter
✨ A Hobby-ist Songwriter
✨ feeling held back from your music career because of your insecurities
✨ Tired of juggling all the things & want clarity & balance
✨ Aware you have a gift to share but are terrified of judgement
✨ Looking to connect with a Greater Audience
✨ Wanting more presence and Joy in your daily life
✨ Looking to manifest your Dreams
✨ Interested in strengthening your Craft
✨ Wanting to deepen the connection within yourself
✨Someone who truly knows and believes that it starts and stops within you

This Course is NOT for you if You're...

✨ Content with being complacent 
✨ Not ready to work through the things that will take you to your Highest Version Of Yourself
✨Happy writing from a surface level 

✨Comfortable with being overwhelmed 
✨Not looking to go any deeper with your craft

4 Monthly Payments of $80


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It Costs This Much For... 

✨ Therapy Sessions - $80 -$250 

✨ Transcendental Meditation Training - between $500 - $1000 

✨ Life Coach Sessions  - $200 - $1000 a month 

✨ 9 Valley Mindfulness Group Sessions  -  $1,425 for one person

✨A B.A in Songwriting from Belmont University - 4 years and $148,000

The Successful Songwriter Within Course - $297

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